Digital Signage Makes a Difference to Your Advertising Efforts

//Digital Signage Makes a Difference to Your Advertising Efforts

Digital signage has been around for quite some time as a promotional tool, but is it really worth all the effort? Read on to find out.

Better Engagement

Digital signage does make an impact on the viewer. Arbitron’s 2010 study shows that 70% of all Americans remember seeing a digital video display in the past month and 47% claim that they saw a particular ad. This means nearly 35% of all Americans saw a particular ad that used digital signage and remembered it.

The Customers Don’t have to Wait Long

It becomes really agonizing, even painful, if you keep your customer waiting. Well, with digital signage, you can make it feel a lot less painful. Digital signage serves to provide your customers with more entertainment value. Take a food franchise at a mall that serves continental fare.

It would take some time to order the food if they’re self-service, and there’d most likely be a queue. If the restaurant has an overhanging display that shows the food outlet’s journey or the fresh ingredients that they use, the customer perceives that less time has passed from the time they joined the queue to the time they get to place their order.

Quickly Change What’s Being Displayed

If you were using print ads, for example, you probably had to wait no less than a total of 6 weeks. We may do it in a shorter time frame but the average remains the same. And you cannot edit the signage once you have printed it. It would waste time even further; time that you may not have. In the case of digital signage, it’s connected to the web.

This allows newer more relevant content to be produced and displayed more quickly in comparison to print ads. That is not to disregard print ads as a whole, but to emphasize that digital ads do have some advantages over them.

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