Wanted to get your business up with digital signage but somehow fell short on the results? Here are some ways to make your digital signage more effective.

Animate When Necessary

You may be tempted to show your creativity by animating the corners with some text. Not the best of ideas. Resist that temptation because the more your text starts to move, the more difficult it becomes to read properly.

It may cause the viewer to feel dizzy at times. More worryingly, your actual message will be overshadowed by your attempt to make it look more dazzling.

Only use motion when it is absolutely essential. For example, you can have your call to action blink twice and hold for it to be read by the viewer. If it keeps on blinking, the viewer will just skip ahead of it.

Make Sure the Copy is Readable

Borrowing from the concept we just discussed, readability is paramount. Make sure that your message strikes the audience and is not lost in translation. Use as few words as possible to get your point across.

For smaller digital signage, you need to be as direct as possible. You might not even want to have complete sentences, just phrases if they work for your audience.

As with the animation point, make sure your message stays long enough on the screen to actually register with the viewer. A few seconds earlier or later, and the purpose of the message is defeated. Also, consider the size of the font used for the message in the copy.

Choose Contrasting Colors

Using colors is good, but again, readability. Contrasting colors have the advantage of being able to pop out. For instance, the simplest contrasting colors you can use are white text on a black background. Black background with a blue shade may also work. But white text on a blue background would never work.

How do you make your digital signage stand out? Contact us to schedule an appointment and make your digital signage work for your business. 

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